New-build Costa Pod

Trinistar are property fund managers who took ownership of Anglia Retail Park in 2014 when it was trading well below capacity. As a first phase of refurbishing the Park Trinistar wanted to encourage a standalone food/beverage offering onto the site as a destination unit. We worked with Trinistar to coordinate from initial planning applications through to completion of the new-build unit, including management of the multidisciplinary professional team and liaison with the Costa team during the project.

The project completed on time and on budget and created a new-build “pod” building of contemporary style, which has since traded very successfully on the site as a Costa Coffee unit.

Client: Trinistar Lux Sarle
Location: Anglia Retail Park, Bury Road, Ipswich
Size: 1850 square feet
Date: 2015 Completion

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